10-year-old steals SUV for a spin to satisfy his mother

A 10-year-old boy stole an SUV for a spin Michigan According to police, he had been driving on the Autobahn late last month, ostensibly to meet up with his mother.

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10-year-old boy steals SUV disabled by OnStar after brief police chase

A week ago, on Friday (May 27), the unnamed minor stole a 2017 Buick Encore in Buena Vista, 35 miles north of Flint, Michigan, state police tweeted Thursday.

The boy told police he stole the car “because he was trying to get to his mom in Detroit.”

NBC News reports that Saginaw County Central Dispatch received a call from OnStar alerting dispatchers that the vehicle was traveling southbound on Interstate 75. Cops tried to stop the car, but the driver didn’t stop, according to police.

OnStar, an in-vehicle security service, then disabled the Buick, the outlet reports.

Video clip shows police chasing a stolen SUV now in a juvenile detention center

Several witnesses called the police and at the same time reported that a child was driving a car on the freeway.

A 32-second video of the incident shows police chasing the SUV, which weaves through the lane before crashing into a guardrail and stopping at the curb.

An officer chased the Buick for about a mile with the emergency lights on. Meanwhile, OnStar was working to shut down the SUV, police said. The car was only slightly damaged.

However, no one was injured.

The trooper was about a mile behind the suspect with lights and sirens activated while OnStar disabled the Buick to allow for a safe stop. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident. Note: There is no sound in this video. pic.twitter.com/nqSwdpm4eI

— MSP Third District (@mspbayregion) June 2, 2023

The youth tried to flee the car before being arrested by police officers. Because of his age, his name was not given.

At the same time, several 911 callers also reported that a child was driving a car on I-75 while cops were trying to locate him. The vehicle came to a standstill after hitting a crash barrier and causing minor property damage. 3/4 pic.twitter.com/s6jhpLKJ0a

— MSP Third District (@mspbayregion) June 1, 2023

Child is charged with illegally driving a motor vehicle, fleeing police, and resisting or obstructing police

The suspect remains in custody at the Saginaw County Detention Center, NBC News reports.

Michigan Live reports the child told police it was his mother’s car.

The boy was reportedly staying with relatives in Buena Vista and said he drove to his mother’s home, who NBC News said was in Detroit.

According to Michigan News, the child faces individual counts of unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle, evading and evading police in the fourth degree, and assaulting, resisting, or obstructing police.

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