13 Secrets and techniques About Mrs. Doubtfire Are on the Manner, Expensive

Doubtfire, Mrs. Doubtfire

Brosnan, who played Miranda’s post-divorce love interest Stu Dunmeyer, will never forget the first time he saw Williams on the film’s San Francisco set.

“I’m getting to work with someone that I really love and have the greatest admiration for,” the Irish actor described the moment to E! News in May. Brosnan went to see Williams in the makeup chair, where his co-star had “kind of a Hawaiian shirt on, hairy arms, hairy chest, boots—but he had the head of Mrs. Doubtfire.”

Slipping into the Doubtfire accent, Brosnan recalled him saying, “‘Ooh, hello Pierce. Ooh, you’re so handsome, ooh, give us a kiss.'” Finally Williams welcomed the Goldeneye star to the set in his regular voice, noting he’d been in makeup since 3 a.m.

And because Williams started his day roughly four hours before everyone else did—and, according to makeup artist Neill, they worked their magic 54 times—Brosnan noted that he never really worked with Williams himself, quipping, “I always worked with Mrs. Doubtfire.”

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