Akbar V Points Apology For Earlier “Braindead” Remark About Alexis Skyy’s Daughter

Whew! Akbar V seemed to have a change of heart on Tuesday night following a nasty exchange of words with Alexis Skyy a couple of weeks ago. The two ladies went at it on social media after having a physical altercation in Atlanta and things took a turn for the worst when Akbar spoke on Alexis’ daughter.

Akbar took to Instagram live with some disturbing comments about Alexis’ daughter, Alaiyah, who was born with a disability. Akbar referred to Alaiyah as “retarded” and “braindead”, and has now issued Alexis an apology.

“I want to apologize for my action a couple of weeks ago no matter what I shouldn’t have stepped out of character I said things I shouldn’t have said so as a business woman as a woman period I’m apologizing for anyone that I offended,” Akbar wrote in a statement on Instagram.

She went on to say that she is seeking help through therapy and is making strides to “heal” herself.

“Lay lay I apologize and to any other specialness kid that I offended I really apologize for that no matter who said something first to me I should have handle that situation,” she continued.

As we previously reported, after Akbar went live to spew her comments, Alexis did the same to defend her baby girl.

“What you’re not going to do is talk about that little girl,” Alexis screamed on live. “I will die for her. If I gotta lose my life, I’ll lose my life over that girl.”

No word from Alexis regarding the apology, but we’ll see y’all posted, Roomies!

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