Asian Doll publishes a protracted Twitter message following that King Von is anticipating a baby – “I nonetheless love him, he isn’t right here”

Roommate, in the meantime Asian Doll has made it clear several times that she not only had a serious relationship with King Von before his death – but that she still loves him as much as she did in her time. So Asian Doll’s reaction to recent news that King Von is out with another woman shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Earlier this month, his sister Kayla confirmed that King Von has a child en route with a woman he saw shortly before his untimely death late last year. Almost immediately, all fans wanted to know how Asian Doll received the news, as she constantly posts about her love for him and even went so far as to get a tattoo in memory of him.

Finally, she broke her silence over the baby news and posted the following message on Twitter:

“I wasn’t at From June, July, August, September or October. I started seeing him again in late November when he booked me for a show. So nothing going on doesn’t affect me in any way, literally I still love him, he’s not here and we were deeply in love once so I’ll be here 4L.

Nobody had a baby with me Babies came after me and before me I had two choices I don’t want this life I’m fine with the way I feel now, but fasho, I’ll never hate Bennett’s Day, he lives through it forever me and forever in my heart until I die. “

When the baby is due, reportedly very soon, as Kayla recently attended the woman’s baby show because of the bundle of joys ahead.

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