Ava Phillipe shares an image with BF that leads followers to take a double shot

Anyone fancy restarting Cruel Intentions?

On Saturday, July 31st, Reese Witherspoon‘s and ex Ryan Philippehis 21 year old daughter, Ava PhilippeShe shared a selfie of herself with her boyfriend Owen Mahoney, at a San Francisco Giants game. The picture caused numerous fans to take a double shot because …

“[Am] I’m the only one who sees your parents? “Asked a viewer. The answer: No.

Many people offered similar comments, and hundreds liked them. “Hello Reese & Ryan,” wrote another fan. Another commented: “Omg, he looks like your dad! Nice couple!” A third intervened: “Can you really see Reese and Ryan 2.0?”

Ava and Owen are from San Francisco, have been together since at least 2019, and both study at the University of California, Berkeley. In June, she shared a photo of the two on vacation in Austin, Texas. Reese commented on the post with the words “these two” and added a heart and eye emoji.

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