Bachelors Lauren and Arie Luyendyk share date evening concepts

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Lauren And Aria Luyendyk Jr. fell in love with The Bachelor, traveled the world together and enjoyed next-level luxe date setups. After their season ended, they continued that momentum and embarked on unique adventures that strengthened their bond as a couple. Lauren recalls, “When we left the show we traveled a lot and experienced so many things as a couple. Life slowed down when Alessi arrived, but we honestly never stopped making time for dates. I think we need this as a couple! “

Arie added: “I think a lot of parents like us find it difficult to make time for each other. We make dating a priority because when we’re in a good place, every other aspect of our family life is better too.”

If you want to follow their lead and make dating a priority, Arie and Lauren have made it easy for you. They developed an app called DUO, which stands for Dates Unlike Others. Arie said, “DUO was designed to bring ‘datespiration’ to couples through our hundreds of date ideas.”

You may feel like you got a date card for The Bachelor with the next level of membership from DUO. Arie explained, “Taking a step further, we offer our premium members ‘surprise dates’. These dates are planned and coordinated by our schedulers to provide a unique date experience. Couples arrive at places not knowing what to expect until they arrive! We wanted to give our reality TV dating experiences back to everyday couples!”

In an exclusive E! Interviewed, Arie and Lauren shared their affordable date night must-haves for every scenario, including picnics, beach days, spa dates and cozy nights at home.

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