Beijing Asks US To Meet Want Checklist Of Calls for In Trade For Local weather Change Cooperation – Watts Up With That?

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Date: 9/2/21 The Epoch Times

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave US Climate Envoy John Kerry a series of instructions that the United States should follow if the Biden government seeks Beijing’s cooperation on climate change.

US Special Envoy for Climate Change John Kerry can be seen on a screen with the Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi during a video link meeting on September 1, 2021. (U.S. Department of State / Handout via Reuters)

Kerry is currently on the second leg of his Asia trip to negotiate climate protection. He first traveled to Japan before arriving on August 31 for a three-day visit to the Chinese port city of Tianjin. He is scheduled to meet with Xie Zhenhua, China’s special envoy on climate change.

On September 1, Kerry and Wang held a virtual meeting to discuss bilateral cooperation on climate change. During the talks, Wang interfered with the wider political concerns of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and warned Kerry that “Sino-US climate cooperation cannot be separated from the wider context of Sino-US relations,” a statement from the Chinese State Department said Ministry.

Wang blamed the United States for the deterioration in Sino-US relations in recent years and called on America to “stop viewing China as a threat and a rival.”

In order to improve bilateral relations, Wang called on Kerry to “pay attention to China’s ‘two lists’ and ‘three bottom line’ and respond proactively”.

Wang referred to the lists and three demands that Beijing presented to US Secretary of State Wendy Sherman during her visit to Tianjin in late July. One of the lists called on the United States to correct its “wrongdoing,” including lifting its sanctions against CCP officials announced by the United States in response to widespread human rights violations.

Among its demands, the CCP is asking the United States not to “violate” China’s “sovereignty” in troubled regions of Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong. Many western governments, including the United States, have called on the CCP for its human rights abuses in these three regions, particularly the detention of over 1 million Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

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