Brazil requires US funding to assist Biden’s local weather change agenda – is that true?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The bidding war begins; Brazil, whose government once described climate protection measures as a “Marxist conspiracy”, is happy not to cut the Amazon any more if it receives a share of Biden’s two trillion dollar “incentives”.

Brazil is working with the US on climate change and deforestation in the Amazon

Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro had one closely coordinated with former US President Donald Trump and shared his contempt for climate change issues and international agreements.

According to Araujo, that has now changed when he spoke to the Council of the Americas’ hemispheric economic forum from a distance.

“Something that was seen as an obstacle … is completely out of the way. We are now working together … as important partners for a successful COP26 and the full implementation of climate agreements, ”said Araujo, referring to the United Nations climate summit for COP26, which is planned for the end of this year.

Araujo had previously seen as a climate skeptic who called theories of man-made climate change a “Marxist conspiracy”.

Araujo said Brasilia wanted to forge an alliance with the United States based on the values ​​of “democracy and prosperity” Brazil needs US investment to transform in a modern market economy.

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How do people in Washington feel about rewarding international support with “investment”? Read what Obama’s former director of global engagement had to say about international money diplomacy.

America will have to spend massive amounts of money to rebuild its tarnished global reputation

BOB BRYAN March 6, 2021, 3:06 p.m.

  • The US global image has been deeply damaged by Trump and decades of diplomacy austerity.
  • To rebuild America’s image, the government must be willing to spend tens of billions of dollars.
  • Brett Bruen was the Obama White House Director of Global Engagement and an American diplomat. He heads the crisis communication agency Global Situation Room.
  • This is a split opinion. The thoughts expressed are those of the author.

International influence doesn’t come cheap – even if you’re a superpower.

America’s badly flawed brand will only get better if the government allocates massive amounts of money to meet the challenge. This isn’t even a billion dollar problem. We are talking about tens and probably hundreds of billions. Despite the substantial price, it is both necessary and well worth the extraordinary cost.

The US typically spends about $ 2 billion a year on public diplomacy programs. These range from government-sponsored international media outlets like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe to overseas exchanges, including the famous Fulbright Scholarships. It also includes salaries for American diplomats and their staff working in communications and cultural offices domestically and abroad.

At this particularly dangerous point for our nation We urgently need massive funding for our public diplomacy programsIncrease the budget to at least $ 10 (13) billion per year. That would still be less than the cost of our newest aircraft carrier.

More military equipment will not return the respect we lost under President Donald Trump. Indeed, as former Secretary of Defense James Mattis put it, if State Department funding is cut, I will have to buy more ammunition.

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I’m not upset with Brazil for doing this back flip. President Bolsonaro’s track record suggests that he cares about the well-being of the Brazilian people as much as Trump cares about the United States. If kissing Biden’s buttocks on international climate policy is a way to generate much-needed US investment cash flows, then I understand Bolsonaro and Araujo are doing what they have to.

But one has to wonder if all of these billions of tax dollars that Biden Insiders are planning to spend on buying expressions of friendship are of real value to the United States. All the smiles may make the diplomats look good, but what value is the US getting?

From what Obama insider Bob Bryan said, President Trump mostly thought it was a waste of money.

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