Britney Spears known as Conservatory “oppressive” nearly 5 years in the past

Britney also shared her desire to keep the kitchen cabinets back in her home, but said her father banned such a request, citing budgetary constraints. According to the report, Britney was receiving a weekly allowance of $ 2,000 at the time, a fraction of the million she had made living in Las Vegas.

In addition, the “Toxic” actress told the investigator that she was subjected to drug tests several times a week.

The NYT writes that Britney was “very afraid” when it came to the Conservatory because, according to the report, “all mistakes lead to ‘very harsh’ consequences.”

The court investigator reported that these circumstances made the 39-year-old singer “very angry” and that Britney believed her father was “obsessed” with controlling her. However, the court investigator said it was in Britney’s best interests to stay under a conservatory because of her “complex finances, vulnerability to undue influence and” intermittent “drug problems”.

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