Britney Spears shares the significance of her Justin Timberlake publish

Britney Spears clarifies that she has no toxic intentions.

The pop star explained the meaning behind her Instagram post, which has been deleted since January 17, which featured a throwback photo of her and her ex Justin Timberlake wear matching basketball uniforms.

“The picture with my ex is a time when there was less confusion about what it means to be together,” she wrote on her Instagram story on Jan. 19. “It is what it is!!!”

The day after she posted the throwback with Justin, she also shared a snap of herself getting a tattoo in Maui, though she kept the ink hidden from fans “because it sucks.” How really, really sucks!!!”

Despite reports suggesting the bad tattoo was related to her message about Justin, Britney got married Sam Asgari in June 2022 – set the record straight by saying the two posts have no connection.

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