Celtics’ Tristan Thompson warns NBA followers: “I dare a mom to spit on me.”

NBA fans better not mess with Tristan Thompson.

Thompson spoke about the recent rash of fan-player incidents ahead of Friday’s third game on Friday’s Celtics Nets series, and the big man of the C made it clear that viewers better not try anything else at the start of the 2021 NBA to see was the playoffs.

“I dare a mother to spit on me,” Thompson said, according to CLNS Media. “I’ll follow you straight to your house.”

Given that Thompson stands 6-9 and weighs 254 pounds, it would probably be in the fans’ best interests not to upset him.

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Boston is home for the next two games in the series, so TD Garden fans are unlikely to find their own player.

Even so, Thompson felt the need to get that message across after a Knicks fan spat during the third game of the New York-Atlanta series on Wednesday at Madison Square Garden at Hawks’ Trae Young. The Knicks have banned the fan from the arena. The Young incident was only the last of several during the NBA postseason.

The 76ers banned a fan from the Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday for throwing popcorn at Wizards security guard Russell Westbrook when Westbrook walked into the locker room. The Jazz banned several fans from the Vivint Arena for making racist, vulgar comments to the family of the Grizzlies guard Ja Morant during the first two games of the Jazz Grizzlies series.

The issue got a lot of attention in Boston after network guardian Kyrie Irving called fans there before Games 3 and 4, accusing them of “subtle racism”.

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Thompson was asked if he had been told anything “racist” when he was with the Cavaliers.

“Yes, of course, definitely,” said Thompson, according to WBZ’s Dan Roche. “I mean, I think that’s what makes Boston fans special, not the racism part, but the part that they’re very into the game and they want to be the sixth man on the court when it comes to to get under our skin and ridicule. ” We definitely heard guys say some crazy things, but I think they are just trying to do that to try and get it into the player’s head and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

“At the end of the day, in my experience as a Celtic, nobody told me anything racial as a player.

“As a visitor, it’s a different story. But I mean, if they used those kinds of words to get a player’s attention that just resulted from their home training and lack of home training, my mom would say that. I’m a Celtic now, you were great, you hugged me with open arms and supported me. Hopefully they can be loud tonight and be a great crowd in the crowd for us tonight. “

Thompson’s account isn’t exactly the same as that of teammate Marcus Smart, but it also contradicts Celtics President Danny Ainge, who said he had never heard of players complaining about racism during his 26 years with the organization.

But as Thompson said, there is hope that fan antics similar to those seen in the other games won’t be seen at TD Garden on Friday.

If so, Thompson may just have one problem.

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