Charles Barkley donated $ 1,000 to every worker who works in his hometown faculty district

Charles Barkley has been quietly caring for the people of his hometown for about 30 years! The former NBA player and sports analyst was born and raised about 10 miles outside of Birmingham, Alabama, in a town called Leeds. Earlier this week, the city’s school district visited their Facebook page to give Charles the flowers he deserved. Most recently, he reportedly donated $ 1,000 to every single Leeds school employee. That’s over 200 employees and more than $ 200,000, according to the state.

“Being a school clerk is difficult, but during a global pandemic, driving a bus, teaching, coaching, or working in the cafeteria while observing safety protocols was a daunting task,” the Facebook said. Contribution. “We are deeply grateful that our hometown hero and benefactor, Charles Barkley, recognizes the hard work and dedication of Leeds people even under the most difficult of circumstances.”

Charles graduated from Leeds High School in 1981. For the past three decades, he has supported his community financially, morally, and fundamentally. According to the Facebook post, Charles has helped “hundreds” of Leeds graduates enter college with over $ 3 million in scholarships. Beyond the money, he has shown his support for the Leeds High boys and girls basketball teams. This support includes being there from time to time to cheer the players on.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Charles also appears to have “secured laptops for virtual learners, WiFi hotspots, and Clorox Corporation donations.” The Clorox donations helped Leeds employees keep their facilities hygienic.

The heartfelt contribution expressed how fortunate the Leeds School System feels to have the support of its “greatest fan and most famous graduate”. All of his good deeds were done “quietly and without paying attention to himself”. His generosity, especially with the gifts from employees, made a challenging past year a little easier for people around the world.

“Although it was a challenge, the Leeds staff persevered and we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel,” the post said.

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