China is upgrading UN safety for the Nice Barrier Reef – with that?

Guest contribution by Eric Worrall

h / t Dr. Willie Soon, JoNova; China’s continued efforts to punish Australia for defying its territorial ambitions in the South China Sea have now allegedly extended to the addition of the UN Heritage Committee.

Secret Chinese conspiracy to declare the Great Barrier Reef ecologically “endangered” threatens to steal 6 billion US dollars from the Australian economy and destroy 60,000 jobs

  • China’s secret trick could lead to the Great Barrier Reef being officially classified as “in danger”
  • Beijing is setting up a UN committee to downgrade the health of the reef
  • A change of status could threaten 64,000 local jobs and ruin the $ 6.4 billion economy
  • The controversial decision is expected to be ratified by the World Heritage Committee


RELEASED: 01:29 AEST, June 22, 2021 | UPDATED: 02:10 AEST, June 22, 2021

A secret move by China to declare Australia’s Great Barrier Reef “in danger” could paralyze the multi-billion dollar tourism industry of the Far North and affect over 64,000 local jobs.

Beijing, with a committee of the United Nations chaired by China, has planned to downgrade the ecological health status of the world-famous coral reef in order to bypass the normal channels of the World Heritage Committee.

It did so without adequate scientific scrutiny or consolation, it is alleged, with any downgrade likely to threaten tourism and jobs.

The trick took Australian government officials by surprise, who first learned of the secret plan on Friday, The Australian reported.

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Obviously, this alleged abuse has far-reaching implications. If the United Nations is ever given greater powers to monitor global carbon emissions, or if there is any other transfer of sovereignty to the United Nations, I think we now have a good indication of who will exercise these new UN powers.

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