Chrissy Teigen’s eldest kids are ‘thriving’ as large siblings to child Esti

Chrissy Teigen And John Legend‘s smallest love, daughter EstiShe is a happy little sister.

In an exclusive interview ahead of Mother’s Day 2023 with E! The Cravings author gushed about the bond between the couple’s eldest children. Luna7, and miles4, formed with her now 4-month-old sibling.

“Oh god it’s just so cool to see Luna and Miles doing well,” Chrissy said. “Everyone was like, ‘Oh, are you afraid they might be so jealous?’ I’m like, ‘They’re jealous of who gets to hold them first!’ You love her so much.

Opening her Cravings bakery and pop-up at The Row in downtown Los Angeles on May 12 in collaboration with Shopify, the Chrissy’s Court star continued, “Luna is so comfortable with the baby. Luna walks around with Esti, like this: one-handed.”

Meanwhile, Chrissy and John’s son can’t help but have a crush on his little sister. “It’s amazing to see that Miles is the king of kisses,” his mother continued. “You are so comfortable with her. The first week we brought her home, John cried at her reaction to her. It was so amazing.”

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