ClimateTV Reside at 1PM ET – Local weather Change Causes All the things’ • Watts Up With That?

Today’s episode of Climate Change Roundtable, titled “Climate Change Causes Everything,” critically addresses the pervasive narrative that climate change is the root cause of every weather event. Host Anthony Watts, joined by acclaimed panelists Linnea Lueken and H. Sterling Burnett, delves into the world of media representations of climate change, highlighting the contradictions and inconsistencies prevalent in many reports.

This live YouTube show tackles the meteorological paranoia stoked by corporate media outlets, scrutinizing the avalanche of climate scare stories dominating today’s headlines. The panel dissects the climate discourse, evaluating the validity of the causal links proposed between climate change and diverse weather events. Is climate change truly a universal culprit, or is it a convenient scapegoat? Are we genuinely observing an increase in extreme weather events due to global warming, or are we falling prey to sensationalist reporting?

This episode endeavors to untangle the complex webs of information, misinformation, and hyperbole surrounding climate change. So, join us for an enlightening and potentially paradigm-shifting discussion on Climate Change Roundtable. Be part of this robust conversation and engage with us during the live chat. Together, let’s explore the climate dialogue with discernment and objectivity.

Climate Change Roundtable airs every Friday at 12pm CT. Subscribe to the channel to never miss an episode!

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