Consultants blame international warming for chilly climate in Thailand and Singapore – what’s flawed with it?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Not quite the snowstorm in Delhi from “The Day After Tomorrow”, but above all cooler temperatures in regions that are normally very tropical, which prompts the climate experts to jump into damage control.

Is Singapore’s pleasant cold an indication of the coming climate change?

In a region normally plagued by hot heat, January brought cold spells to Singapore, Manila and Bangkok. However, climate experts said the cool weather could be partly responsible for heavy rain and flooding in Southeast Asia, with possibly worse events

Cheryl Heng
Published: February 14, 2021, 2:00 p.m.

January was cooler in a region that is normally stiflingly hot. In Manila, temperatures plummeted to 19 degrees Celsius, while Bangkok posted a record low of 16 degrees.

Climate experts warned that this could be the first clue about the evolution of climate change in the region.

“The slightly cooler air provides a lot of moisture, which can lead to heavy rainfall and flooding,” said Matthew Ashfold, director of the School of Environmental and Earth Sciences at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia. The east coast states of the peninsula Malaysia, “which usually receives a lot of precipitation when cold air breaks out”, are a particular risk.

“These cold spells in the weather for Singapore have been used by climate conflicts to challenge the reality of human-made climate change,” Horton said. “Such misinformation obscures the work scientists are doing to find out how the climate is changing.”

“Recent extreme weather events, including cold temperatures and heavy rainfall, suggest that the climate is breaking new ground,” said Horton. “The weather will increasingly be outside the historical norm.”

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We also had a hard time here in tropical Australia. Thanks to global warming, temperatures are struggling to rise above 90 ° F, resulting in slower ice melting in our beer coolers and mass confusion when cold water pours out of the taps.

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