COVID-19 newsletters are sooooo 2020


Hello pandemic friends,

I have good news and bad news. I also have some great news (I’ll come back to that later) and then I have the regular news (which, as usual, is mostly terrible).

The good news: 2020 is coming to an end. The bad news: it takes coronavirus in context.

We are submitting this newsletter because it has taken its course.

The pandemic is still raging around us. And yes, there are some amazing vaccines on the way. It is really busy and there is a lot more to be said about COVID-19. However, this newsletter should only be temporary.

We will publish our final issue on Tuesday December 22nd.

This newsletter means a lot to me. It gave me complete creative freedom, and because of that, it was the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve done as a journalist.

But it’s the readers who have shaped it. Your feedback, your responses and your willingness to take part in the discourse have defined my reporting.

Together we have explored COVID-19 in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement, queer struggle and as global citizens who want the best for our communities.

We’ve talked about the technology, science, medicine, and politics of the pandemic and even got personal. It’s been a wonderful trip, but I’m glad it’s over.

Because it’s time to take all of that perspective we’ve gained, take the “context” we’ve found and use it to move forward. We know what to do to get the pandemic under control. It’s time to mask and regulate the future.

And here comes the good news:

For me and Neural, the AI ​​section I work on here at TNW, means a brand new newsletter for artificial intelligence in 2021! Details will follow shortly.

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