DaBaby apologizes for the second time after a number of cancellations of competition appearances

A vortex of social media users, fans, celebrity artists and festival organizers, to name a few, has not let up in DaBaby after his controversial comments on Rolling Loud and thereafter. For the past week, the rapper has stood the test of time, apologized, responded directly to Quest Love’s criticism and released a music video for “Giving What It’s Supposed To Give”. Shortly after two cancellations of the festival set on Monday, DaBaby apologized a second, formal apology for his “hurtful and offensive comments” about the LGBTQ + community and “misinformed comments” about HIV / AIDS.

“I would like to apologize to the LGBTQ + community for the hurtful and offensive comments I made,” DaBaby reportedly wrote. “I apologize again for my misinformed comments about HIV / AIDS, and I know it is important to be educated about it. Greetings to all. God bless.”

DaBaby released the statement on Monday through its official Instagram page. No caption was posted with the post and comments have been disabled. By the evening, the post had received over 371,000 likes. He began his apology by saying, “Social media is moving so fast that people want to destroy you before you have a chance to grow, educate yourself, and learn from your mistakes.” with kindness ”and privately tried to raise him.

“As a man who had to go his own way out of very difficult circumstances, it was a challenge to have people I know publicly work against me – knowing that I needed education and guidance on these issues.”

The rapper started his Monday with the news that he would no longer perform at the Governor’s Ball in New York City in September. Just hours later, another festival called Day N Vegas announced that the rapper would no longer be part of his November line-up. Instead, Roddy Ricch was tapped to attend the festival on the site of DaBaby.

This is the fourth festival DaBaby has released, including last weekend’s Lollapalooza, the aforementioned Governor’s Ball and Day N Vegas, and Manchester’s Parklife Festival. As previously reported, boohooMAN also announced that it would no longer work with the artist just a month after jointly releasing an exclusive clothing line.

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