Deliver It On’s subsequent sequel, Cheer or Die, is about to develop into a slasher

18. Most of the routines performed by the Toros and the Clovers involved stunts that are considered illegal in high school competitions.

“There are illegal moves,” Reed confirmed in an interview with HuffPost. “There are some college moves that aren’t high school moves…that would probably be disqualified. At the time we were shooting the film, if any of those things came up, we strayed to the side of what works dramatically or what worked best for us visually.” That’s okay, that’s okay for us!

19. The ending of the film was a point of contention among filmmakers due to differing opinions as to which Cheer Squad Nationals should win. Spoiler alert: The Clovers would take home the trophy.

“I remember there was a whole debate about who was going to win, and there were people in the mix who were like, ‘Well, Kirsten is the lead, the Toros have to win,'” Reed recalled to MTV. “Well, no, that’s not the story…they did a great job. But they finished second behind the other team and it was a life lesson for them.”

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