Delta Airways’ False and Deceptive Declare About Carbon Offsetting – Watts Up With That?

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Starting March 4, 2021, the US Securities and Exchange Commission will be looking for tips on false and misleading information about the climate. We applaud this as we filed a petition with the SEC in August 2019 to take action against climate lying. Here’s today’s example (and tip for the SEC) of Delta Airlines’ climate.

Delta today published a press release (Web | PDF) about becoming climate neutral.

Consider this statement in the press release as you overcome the obvious nonsense about “Zero Impact Aviation” and “Combating Climate Change” neither of which is possible.

Is it true to say that carbon offsets are “a practical, proven and immediate way to make an impact today”?

Are CO2 offsets “realizable”?

What does that mean anyway? Yes you can buy it. Yes, you can use greenwash and hide behind them. However, try to describe your financial results only as “sustainable” to investors and see what regulators have to say about them.

Are CO2 offsets “proven”?

No. “The idea of ​​carbon offsetting, on which the so-called net zero targets are based, is based on a number of myths,” said 41 scientists. The basic problem is that while emissions occur in real time, offsets may only occur at a distant point in the future – and the offsets are not really verifiable. Check out these 10 myths about net zero goals and carbon offsetting. (Web | PDF)

Are CO2 offsets “immediate”?

How can they be direct from an airline? Emissions occur in real time. Offsets occur much later, if they occur at all and have not been double counted. Even if you buy offsets in advance, it doesn’t mean the CO2 has already been stored somewhere or is about to be stored.

Delta receives four Pinocchios and a referral to the SEC Climate Task Force.

For geezer who get this, “Delta is ready when you are. Delta is ready to lie.

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