Denise Richards returns to the true housewives of Beverly Hills

While the Starship Troopers alum told Variety that her exact role in the new season is yet to be defined, she won’t be returning as the lead — which is not the case add breastwho announced their exit from RHOBH earlier this year after 8 seasons.

Given the very public feud between Denise and Lisa, the timing of Denise’s return can hardly be attributed to coincidence.

“When I left after my second season, I just felt like some of the women were very toxic and played so dirty,” she noted. “I get that there has to be drama, but I also think it’s funny to see women having fun, especially in this age group.”

As for the drama, Denise said viewers needn’t worry because, once again, the best results come naturally.

“I was really myself on the show. I think some of the women are different in front of and behind the camera,” she said. “I guess you know what? Don’t produce yourself. Just be yourself. You get a group of six to eight [to] 10 women together, your drama comes up authentically. Leave it at that and have fun with it.”

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