Dr. Jackie Walters created a serum to assist ladies of all ages

E !: What is the difference between the Volition Skin Rhythm Balancing & Clearing Serum and other skin care products?

Dr. Jackie: The serum contains three acids: salicylic acid, azelaic acid and mandelic acid. Together, these three acids remove blemishes, help with discoloration, and reduce dark and light spots. It evens skin tone, reduces sun damage, improves skin hydration.

The formula contains niacinamide, which regulates sebum, which is the oily product that is supposed to be in our skin, but too much of anything is not good. Niacinamide helps with that shine we might get. And for those who are getting a little redness, it will work for that too.

E !: Tell us how you worked with Volition Beauty to perfect the formula.

Dr. Jackie: I used to use these ingredients separately on different areas of my face and I figured out what I liked about each ingredient and what I wanted to improve. And then Volition would go back and revise the product. I love Volition because they listen to me as a patient and a creator. We went back and forth … and back and forth … and back and forth and used me as a tester.

Just playing with the formulas, having weekly, if not daily, discussions about them got us where we are. Every time I put it on I think, ‘I’m so happy.’ I am really very happy with the results that I am getting personally. Lots of other people came up to say, “I love this product.” It seems to work for everyone, all skin colors, all races, it was just a win-win situation.

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