DWTS’ Gleb Savchenko talks about making historical past with Shangela

Season 31 of Dancing With the Stars is ready to make history.

Dancing With the Stars partners Gleb Savchenko and Shangela teased just that to E! What’s new at the Posing Party hosted by Tyra Banks at ModelLand. For those who may not know, a fan favorite of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Shangela is the first-ever drag queen to compete on the American edition of Dancing with the Stars. But the history-making moments don’t stop there, Gleb is only the second professional to dance with a same-sex partner, the first being Jenna Johnson to dance with her JoJo Siwa in season 30.

And like Gleb E! News, he’s honored to be making history with Shangela. “I’ve never danced with a male partner before,” he said, “and it’s definitely different, but in a good way.

“We’ve never had anyone like Shangela,” he continued. “So it’s going to be extra, extra, extra special. Shangela isn’t quite glamorous in the rehearsal room yet, so this change in the ballroom will be pretty awesome to see the whole package.”

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