Eagles’ Howie Roseman explains how buying and selling with Tom Donahoe resulted in an ungainly encounter on the day

Eagles GM Howie Roseman was part of one of the NFL Draft 2021’s most memorable encounters when he shared an awkward punch with player staff director Tom Donahoe. After the Eagles selected Milton Williams with the 73rd election in the draft, Roseman made the rounds in the Eagles draft room and celebrated the election with his constituents. However, when he got to Donahoe, the clerk didn’t seem happy, and an uncomfortable, tense moment arose.

As the moment was seen by more and more people, the question arose whether everything was okay between Roseman and Donahoe. In a recent interview, Roseman purged and dismissed the idea of ​​a problem between him and Donohoe. In fact, he explained exactly why Donahoe may not have been as happy as some of the others who were in the room when the team picked Milton Williams.

“When we’re at 71, there are two people on our board. Two defenders,” Roseman said in an interview on 94WIP. “And they’re different flavors. One is a three technique, one is more like a nasal tackle. Obviously, when you have different flavors, everyone likes different flavors. So Carolina calls and they pick two picks behind us and Scott from Fitterer says : “Hey Howie, are you going to drop two picks for our sixth round top?” I said, “You have to tell me, offense or defense?” He says, “I’ll take an offensive player.”

“So we know we’re getting one of these two guys, and when we talk to our coaches about their fit and role, they’re excited about these two guys. And so one of them goes and we take Milton Williams.”

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The one who eventually went was NC State Defensive Tackle Alim McNeill when the Lions took him in the 72nd pick. It can be assumed that Donahoe was in the camp McNeill preferred, which explains why he may have been upset that the Eagles had a chance to take him but traded down instead.

Still, after the election, Roseman didn’t seem too worried about the relationship between him and Donahoe. It helped that Team DT Marlon got Tuipulotu with the additional round six selection it won in trading with the Panthers, as Tuipulotu was viewed by the team as a potential Day 2 selection. He also filled the nasal device that McNeill should have filled.

Part of the reason this interaction has received so much attention on social media is because there have recently been rumors that Roseman is overly controlling in design space. They were taken from a mid-April story by The Athletic that described the Eagles’ rapid crash after their 2018 Super Bowl victory, which resulted in the sacking of Doug Pederson and the departure of quarterback Carson Wentz after a terrible 4- 11-1 season culminated. In that piece it was alleged that the Eagles’ first three picks in the 2020 NFL Draft – WR Jalen Reagor, QB Jalen Hurts and LB Davion Taylor – “have mystified some of the scouts and coaches watching at home”.

In this case, however, it does not seem that the Eagles’ front office and the coaching team are on different sides. It’s all about a disagreement between two longtime Boy Scouts.

And for Roseman, it’s a perfectly normal thing on design day.

“Discussion and debate and having these conversations is fine. You’d rather have that passion,” Roseman said. “Tom has been here a long time. We’ve been together for 10 years, very close relationship. It’s okay to have tough conversations and Tom and I have had a lot of them in 10 years.”

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