Erica Mena provides an replace on how she is after the drama with Safaree Samuels: “No extra ache”

Roommates, the drama of “Love & Hip Hop” stars Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels has increased significantly in recent weeks as allegations of fraud, neglect and abandonment have been at the center of the estranged couple’s marital problems. Well, it seems that after an emotional post on social media about her newborn son’s health and Safaree’s absence, Erica Mena is in a better place.

Erica Mena posted a short post on Twitter to let her fans know how she is celebrating his birthday after such a dramatic week with estranged husband Safaree in Jamaica while she remains in intensive care with her young son Legend.

“Don’t hurt me anymore. I officially reminded myself who the hell I am, ”wrote Erica. Fans recently flooded their social media pages after posting a video and caption detailing her struggles over and being alone with her son’s current health issues.

As we previously reported, during the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, fans were finally able to see what caused Erica and Safaree’s marriage to collapse.

Erica accused Safaree of not being so interested and committed to being husband and father after the reality of his responsibility officially took hold. She also said that she operates as a single mother because he rarely offers to operate on her with her young daughter Safire.

Meanwhile, Safaree said his attitude was due to the fact that he never imagined that being husband and father would be so much hard work. He said that things between him and Erica are not the same as they were in the beginning and the fun of their relationship is over.

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