Every part you should know in regards to the coronation of King Charles III

The UK has not seen a coronation in 70 years. That way, you can better believe it’s all in King Charles III.

While many traditions are kept exactly as they were in 1953, when Queen Elizabeth the second There will be modern adaptations of the grand event to reflect both the changing times and the sensibility of the 74-year-old monarch, as Charles is the oldest person to ever ascend the British throne.

“Hundreds of millions of people are expected to see this coronation,” said the royal correspondent Sharon Zimmerman said E! News in an exclusive interview ahead of the big day. “And he brings the best of both worlds together. Tradition, pageantry, a thousand years of history – but he knows the importance of delivering the message: ‘We don’t live in the past, we live in the now, this is a monarchy that’s still relevant.'”

The Queen’s coronation was the first to be televised – it took some persuasion and forward thinking Prince Philip (the Queen’s consort and Chair of the Coronation Commission) to bring his wife and various officials on board – and Charles’ May 6 ceremony at London’s Westminster Abbey will, of course, be the first ever to be streamed.

Incidentally, he also has a much larger extended family than his mother when she became queen at 25 rather than April 12, when the palace confirmed it Prince Harry would be there, but without his wife Megan Markle.

But come rain or shine, the complicated plans will go ahead as planned. Here’s everything you need to know about the coronation of Charles as we know it.

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