Flat-Earthers are completely satisfied! – Watts up with that?

News / Statement from Kip Hansen – March 5, 2021

Flat-earthers on this flat earth are now happy that “a cheeky new world map [is] vie for global supremacy. “This brand new world map is wonderfully flat. . . absolutely flat. In fact, it is a two-sided, two-dimensional disc. To get your own copy, all you need to do is use your color printer to print out one of the files available at these links: click here to download the DOCX file or select it as a PDF.

The wonderful news is covered in the New York Times in an article entitled “Can This New Map Fix Our Distorted Views Of The World?” Reported. written by Joshua Sokol. Now I don’t know if Mr. Sokol really believes that the maps we find in our families’ precious world atlases actually lead to our having distorted views of the world. But it is certainly not true for our children and grandchildren who must be physically compelled to open an actual printed book for some purpose. All of me would much rather whip out their SmartPhone ™ or tablet or laptop and go to Google Earth or one of the hundreds of other rotatable and zoomable digital globes of our planet (choose from this Google search result list or) this DuckDuckGo search).

So, introduction complete, here is the new map:

Here is the link for a very cool little MP4 movie that shows that Flat-Earthers were right all along.

The beauty of this “disk earth” is that if you were a very small person and went south from any point in the northern hemisphere, you would get to the edge – right to the edge – and take one more step (even half a step) you are on the other side of the earth!

Now you can think that a lot of effort has gone into creating this questionably useful map of the world. The Times’ Joshua Sokol quipped that “cartographers who regularly study world maps – perhaps fewer than 10 people – will now have time to respond.” That sounded about right to me – I mean, how many people are even a little interested in things like that. Boy was I surprised when I looked up the topic of map projections. There are literally hundreds of them, each with their reported benefits and flaws. Try these links to explore a little:

  1. From the United States Geological Survey, their 1989 journal 1453, “An Album of Map Projections”, 262 pages. (.pdf)
  2. The Wolfram MathWorld site has a list of roughly 60 different types of projections – each type has many individual examples.
  3. Radical Cartography provides a list of wall maps with thumbnails.
  4. The Compare Map Projections website has a very extensive list of projections with a tool that can be used to compare any two projections. There are three by Dr. God, but not the last one discussed here.
  5. MapRef has a very good discussion of map projections, more than you’ll ever want to know (unless you’re one of the 10 or so World Cartographers …)

Of course it is best reference For the new projection, the original draft of the study “Flat maps that improve on the Winkel Tripel” by Richard Gott, David M. Goldberg and Robert J. Vanderbei is. (available on arxiv.org, .pdf) There are “many pictures” even if you don’t read much of the text.

The Shop triples in the title? This is this:

This is the previous improvement on what Richard Gott and Karlheinz Wagner said above:

If you have Gott et al. On paper, you will find that God claims to have made a similar map of the entire universe. What could go wrong with that?

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Photo credit: The “It’s Flat Brother …” mug image from Etsy. LovedOnesGifts made this item with the help of Mug Printing and Warehouse Partner, Bristol, PA. You can buy one here.

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Author’s comment:

Dr. God, you can get this suggestion for free. Fast Secure the rights to your Disc Earth image (and all the others from your article: The Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the Universe) and farm the rights to manufacturers to make plastic disks earths and moons and planets for sale throughout science and natural history Museum shops around the world. You are right, she become Make wonderful additions to little boys ‘and girls’ bedrooms, hang them on small strings from the ceilings, or combine them with Alexander Calder-style cell phones over cots. Better yet, do the full set of planets to make solar system phones! (I want one, please).

I’m going to make a newspaper for my three year old grandson.

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