Frank Ragnow of Lions pays tribute to folks in a press convention on contract extension

Frank Ragnow’s parents are the focus of Mother’s Day weekend.

Offensive linemen often have a reputation for being evil, barbaric, and violent in the field, but that doesn’t mean they have no human side.

Take Ragnow, for example: The Lions Center cemented his status as one of the best and the worst, but he got very emotional talking about the impact his mother and father had on him on Friday.

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At a press conference, Ragnow, who recently received a four-year contract extension for $ 54 million worth $ 54 million with Detroit, spoke in tears as he talked about what his new pact means for him and his family:

#Lionszentrum Frank Ragnow was suffocated talking about its expansion and what it means for his family. “My father is not here, but I am very excited to take care of my mother because I had an amazing childhood.” @MySportsUpdate

– Ari Meirov (@AriMeirov) May 7, 2021

I wrote that the goal was to make it into the NFL and take care of my parents. And they are just – my father and my mother – are just my people and I am very grateful to them. My father is not here but I am very excited to take care of my mother because I had an amazing childhood man and I am just so proud of the way I grew up and how I grew up and my upbringing . In order to give back to my mother, I wish I could give back to my father and go fishing with him and everything, but to be able to give back to my mother and family, that means the world.

Ragnow’s father, Jon, died of a heart attack nearly five years ago when Ragnow was a member of the Arkansas Razorbacks soccer team.

Head coach Bret Bielema and his wife Jen accompanied Frank on a flight to Minnesota after Jon’s death.

Now, en route to Mother’s Day May 9, Ragnow can rest assured that he has achieved both goals: reaching the NFL – and sticking to it – and being able to give back to his family.

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