Germany’s Greens are in disaster, plummeting 40% in opinion polls as anger mounts over bans and scandals. Do you agree?

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By P. Gosselin

Being media darlings hasn’t stopped Germany’s Greens from plummeting in opinion polls. 40% of Green voters have withdrawn their support since it peaked at 23%.

A series of unpopular, draconian policy proposals, as well as cronyism scandals, have dealt a serious blow to the Green Party’s popularity in Germany.

Allegations of nepotism have surfaced after a top adviser to Green Business Minister Robert Habeck awarded government contracts to family members and other close associates.

The Minister for Climate Affairs, Dr. Patrick Graichen, is accused of giving government contracts to a research institute run by several members of his family. He also appointed his best man to head the German Energy Agency.

Graichen’s woes could also intensify as “a suspicion of violations of the citation rules” has surfaced in relation to his doctoral thesis.

Today the critical site reports: “The German Greens are in crisis!”

“Thanks to the Graichen scandal and the dispute between the red-green government over the heat pump law, the party has recently fallen to 14 percent in the polls, well behind the far-right AfD (17 percent) – ten months ago it was the Greens.” at 23 percent,” reports Pleiticker. That means the party has lost 40% of its electoral base.

This is the result of the latest INSA survey by “BILD am Sonntag”.

“More than half of Germans (56 percent) say that Habeck is doing a bad job, only 25 percent attest him good work – in June 2022 43 percent of the people still thought Habeck was a good minister.” 42 percent are even of the opinion that that Habeck harms the reputation of the Greens, only 9 percent think that he harms the reputation of the party,” comments Pleitticker.

The future of the Greens will remain bleak, with no trend reversal in sight. In fact, the odds are even better that things will get a lot worse when the energy bills and drastic green measures come due.

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