Gerrit Cole defeated Josh Donaldson and the twins on Wednesday night time

Round 1 goes to Gerrit Cole.

On his first appearance since Josh Donaldson had some exquisite words about the Yankees ace – and added a thinly veiled accusation that he used sticky substances to grab a ball – Cole Donaldson sat in New York’s 9-6 win on New York City Wednesday down three times.

Cole definitely beat Donaldson: he beat the Twins’ third basemen twice and pulled him back three times in six innings of two-run ball. Cole, under the watchful eye of umpires and baseball Twitter, had a Cole-like performance, giving up only two solo home runs that night and mating with nine strikeouts from the Twins line-up.

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Donaldson’s first K:

  • 84 mph curveball, called a strike
  • 98 mph fastball, foul tipped
  • 87 mph slider, bullet
  • 100 mph fastball, foul ball
  • 86 mph curveball, swinging stroke

Cole followed his attack on Donaldson with an icy stare. Donaldson didn’t notice it on his way back to the shelter.

Cole wasn’t done with Donaldson, however: he followed his first strikeout with an equally dominant second K:

  • 98 mph fastball, ball
  • 90 mph slider, bullet
  • 99 mph fastball, called a strike
  • 100 mph fastball, foul ball
  • 90 mph alternation, swaying beat

And to make matters worse for Donaldson, Cole got Donaldson to fly out on his last appearance that night in Cole’s last inning of work:

Did Cole use any sticky stuff to increase spin rates? May be. And even if he was, he won’t be the first – and won’t be the last – baseball pitcher to turn to alien substances to gain an advantage over hitters. It’s a story as old as baseball days, even if the sport tries to crack down on its use.

Cole ended up having an awkward press conference dodging whether he’d used Spider Tack, the substance everyone is talking about and talked about in baseball right now.

One thing is certain, though: Maybe Donaldson should think twice before mentioning names again.

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