Globe continues the speedy greening development, Sahara Alone is shrinking by 700,000 sq. kilometers! – Watts up with that?

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By P. Gosselin on February 24, 2021

If you look at NASA’s vegetation index data, the news is good: the globe has made 10% greener so far this century.

This is good news because we know that ultimately this means more acreage and more forest. Ironically, what many experts consider to be a major problem (CO2) is one of the main reasons for greening.

Zoe Phin has a post on the subject on their website that really deserves attention.

The global vegetation index will increase by 10% in 20 years

Zoe downloaded all available vegetation data from NASA in 16-day increments from 2000 to 2021. Here is their result:

NASA’s vegetation index has increased from 0.0936 to 0.1029, which is an increase of 9.94%. Diagram by Zoe Phin

“10% global greening in 20 years! We are incredibly lucky! “Zoe comments on the results. “I just wish everyone would feel that way. But you know that not everyone does. To the extent that humans improve global greening, social parasites want to precisely tax and regulate. No good deed goes unpunished. “

Green for 30 years!

This is not unexpected news for cool climate realists. In August 2019, we reported on a German study that shows how the globe has been greening for three decades. On the basis of satellite images, German science reported: “The vegetation on earth has been growing for decades, as satellite data shows.”

Sahara is shrinking and getting greener

Also not so long ago, a study by Venter et al. (2018) that the Sahara had shrunk by 8% over the past three decades. This is profound as the Sahara covers an area of ​​around 9.2 million square kilometers. Eight percent means more than 700,000 square kilometers more area that has turned green – an area that is almost as large as Germany and France combined.

In terms of vegetation, the planet has probably not had such a beautiful life in about 1000 years.

70% CO2-driven

And there’s more good news if you think CO2 as a greenhouse gas is (it isn’t) a problem.

In August last year, NTZ weekly agent Kenneth Richard cited a study by Haverd et al., 2020) and wrote that “about 70% of the earth’s vegetative greening trend after the 1980s was driven by CO2 fertilization” and that this greening will offset 17 years (equivalent) of the earth’s anthropogenic CO2 emissions by 2100.

There are many more studies to support the good news of the green planet – thanks in large part to humanity. It’s not as bad as the crybaby activists and media portray it. Not nearly.

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