GloRilla talks about embracing her voice and cherishing the second

GloRilla talks about how she came to adopt her signature voice without any apology, and how she realized she needed to slow down and smell the roses instead of just focusing on the future.

GloRilla admits she was previously “embarrassed” by her iconic voice

The ‘Tomorrow 2’ rapper addressed these issues at a recent meeting with ‘Elle’ and admitted her voice was initially fake “ashamed” her, as Glo “wanted to sound like a girl.”

“When I first started rapping, I was trying to sound like a little girl. I said some hard stuff, but only in a slightly girly voice. I tried to change my sound because my voice is naturally deeper. I was kind of embarrassed because I wanted to sound like a girl.”

However, as 2021 rolled around, GloRilla “changed her sound” and allowed her voice to “go deeper and deeper” on her tracks.

“That was the first time I changed my sound. That year my voice started to get deeper and deeper.”

This sentiment echoes previous comments she has made on the subject. During a meeting with The Cut in January 2023, Glo recalled her voice becoming “squeaky” as she tried to “sound like a girl” when she first got into the rap business.

After some friends asked her about it, GloRilla decided: “Let me just focus on how I already sound and just add a little bit more sauce.”

Also, after Twitter users commented on how deep her voice was on “Blessed,” Glo humorously explained: “My voice is only so deep because my p***y is so GOOD.”

And every song y’all heard that I put out was before I got my veneers 🤨🤨My voice is only so deep because my pussy is so GOOD DUHHHHHHHH #BIGGLO

— GloRilla 🦍 (@GloTheofficial) August 2, 2022

The rapper appreciates her hard work and recent achievements

In addition to emphasizing the need to embrace her “naturally deeper voice,” GloRilla shared an important lesson she’d learned about valuing your blessings and not “focusing on them so much.” [the] Future.”

“The first prize was that I got where I am now. My friend and I recently had a conversation about how focused we are on our future – what else can we do to be better than what we are doing now? We forget that what we have right now is what we have [always] prayed for it.”

Although Glo is about living in the moment and enjoying the fruits of her labor, she still gives fans a glimpse of what to expect from her next project.

Especially since she was “on”. [her] Planned hood s**t while recording her EP Anyways, Life’s Great…, she plans to use “different sounds” in her upcoming album. However, she assures fans that she still will [be] raw and uncut.”

“The [new album] will still be me, still raw and uncut. But only I know what it’s like to be here and [experimenting with] different noises. Because I was sitting on my hooded shit the whole time.”

GloRilla added: “In this fight, it’s not just because I’m tough. I have a few different sounds with me.”

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