Gunman arrested after operating into Obama’s house in Washington, DC

A gunman was reportedly arrested after running towards former President Barack Obama’s Washington. DC home on Thursday.

The reported suspect Taylor TarantoThe 37-year-old had an active warrant for his arrest in connection with the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. He was first caught by members of the Secret Service a few blocks from the Obama family home CBS News.

According to police, Taranto had guns, ammunition and machetes in a nearby van at the time of the arrest

The 37-year-old tried to flee when the Secret Service pursued him, the outlet reported. At that point, Taranto reportedly began walking straight toward the former president’s home, law enforcement officials said.

He was stopped before he reached the property, the outlet reports.

CBS News correspondent Scott MacFarlane tweeted that Taranto had not only guns but also 400 rounds of ammunition, a machete and explosives in his vehicle parked nearby at the time of his arrest.

The Metropolitan Police Department charged Taranto with evading justice in connection with Thursday’s arrest.

It remains unclear whether the Obama family was at home during the reported incident. However, he was not in Obama’s neighborhood by accident, a US official told CBS News.

BREAKING: Taylor Taranto had guns and 400 rounds of ammunition in his van when he was arrested near Barack Obama’s home.

Donald Trump posted Obama’s speech on social media. Taranto reposted it and then showed up.

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NBC News According to reports, Taranto’s last post on his Telegram account was a link to a website promoting conspiracy theories about Obama’s house.

MacFarlane reports that the Department of Justice classified Taranto as a fugitive risk because he lived in his van near the Washington DC jail.

According to MacFarlane, a DC judge ordered Taranto held in jail pending an incarceration hearing on Wednesday (July 5).

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Taranto had an active arrest warrant for involvement in the January 6 Capitol riots, specifically in the lawsuit filed by MPD Widow

Taranto had also recently threatened MP Jamie Raskin (D-MD) on a social media livestream, Macfarlane said.

The Seattle native, who has no fixed address, also had an active warrant out for his arrest for his involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. The indictment included four counts: disorderly conduct, entering a locked building and unlawful showing, MacFarlane reports.

He is also named in a civil lawsuit filed by the family of former Metropolitan Police officer Jeffrey Smith. Smith committed suicide two weeks after the Capitol riots CNN.

A psychiatrist hired by Officer Smith’s widow found that drastic changes in Smith’s behavior after January 6 provided evidence that the attack on the Capitol was the initiating event leading to his suicide New York Times reported.

Taranto allegedly provided another rioter with a gun, which he used to attack Officer Smith. The lawsuit alleges that Taranto’s actions ultimately contributed to Smith’s death.

MPD: No active threat to community following Tarento’s arrest near Obama’s Washington DC home

Meanwhile, the MPD told CNN that as of Friday afternoon there was no active threat to the community and the incident was still under investigation.

A spokesman for the Obamas declined to comment, the network reported.

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