Heartlands ICCC 2023 – Reside from Orlando

by Kip Hansen – Live coverage from Orlando – February 23 → 25, 2023

15th International Conference on Climate Change

Is the real crisis climate change… or climate policy?

The Heartland Institute’s 15th International Conference on Climate Change kicked off tonight with a Meet the Speakers reception. While it was advertised as a “dessert reception,” attendees were treated to a wide variety of dinner choices: hamburgers, beef and veggies, shrimp, salads, mac-n-cheese, and many other dishes, all of which could be eaten in either “reception style.” “ at small high tables or at normal round dining tables for 8 people.

And who was there? Everyone except you! Not really. But all the speakers who will be making presentations over the next 48 hours were present including: Will Happer, Patrick Moore, Anthony Watts, Richard Lindzen, Dr. Willie Soon, Ian Plimer, Cork Hayden, Ronald Stein, Alex Epstein, Marc Morano, Greg Wrightstone, James Taylor, David Legates, Christopher Monckton and many, many more whose names you would instantly recognize. These outstanding personalities not only stood at the lectern and gave lectures, they walked around, shook hands and talked – face to face with everyone present on an equal footing.

And not just the “big names,” but a lot of people you’d love to meet if you knew the handles they use when commenting on the blogs and podcasts.

The highlight of the evening was the screening of a new climate skeptical 1 hour documentary entitled A Climate Conversation. A great film that has made its first showing outside of its production studios isn’t available to the public yet…but you’ll want to see it when it is.

Stay tuned, more tomorrow at noon.


I am here at the fabulous Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista in Orlando, Florida, where the world’s true and best climate experts have gathered to analyze the latest climate science and the wrong energy and policy solutions that the world’s governments are determined to bring to us to impose on everyone. Check back here often over the next three days for the latest news, which will appear at the top of this post when published.

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Author’s comment:

Thanks to the Heartland Institute for granting me media access to the conference, and to the CO2 Coalition for inviting me back to be a member… and more than that, thanks to Anthony Watts and the ever-trying Charles the Marvelous moderator , who not only make WUWT possible, but have made it the world’s most watched internet blog on the subject of climate.

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