House Run Derby stay updates, outcomes, highlights from the 2021 MLB issues competitors

Get ready to see some great home runs. Back after a 2020 hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Home Run Derby returns in one of the hitter-friendly ballpark stadiums, with some of the game’s best power hitters to do their hacks.

Of course, all eyes will be on Angels star Shohei Ohtani, who has launched 16 long balls since June 15 to take the MLB lead with 33 homers. No other player in the league has more than 28. There’s also the hometown hitter in Rockies shortstop Trevor Story and the reigning champion in Mets first baseman Pete Alonso. Both players strive for historic victories – only three times was the winner of the derby from the local team and only twice was a batsman repeated as the winner.

Fans will also watch as Orioles’ first baseman Trey Mancini continues his sensational comeback season after beating cancer last year, alongside royals catcher Salvador Perez hoping to become the first backstop to do the the event wins, and Nationals 22-year-old phenomenon Juan Soto, who will try to be the youngest winner. They’ll take on AL West sluggers Joey Gallo from Rangers and Matt Olson from Athletics, who have both hit the most home runs of any batter in the field since 2017.

Sporting News follows live updates of the Home Run Derby all night.

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Home Run Derby live updates, highlights from the 2021 competition

10:14 p.m .: Soto has a full minute of bonus time after hitting 11 in regular time.

10:11 pm: Soto uses his time-out with 1:46 remaining on his lap. He has seven long balls so far.

10:10 pm: Soto will lead this semi-final match against Pete Alonso.

10:03 pm: Mancini turns down story. He reaches 13 in his second round – no extra time required – to advance to the finals.

10:01 pm: Mancini calls for a time-out with 1:39 remaining. He’s got seven home runs. He has the 30 second bonus time, but he still needs one more than 475 seconds to get the full minute of bonus time.

9:58 pm: Mancini has to hit 13 home runs to beat Story, which hit 12 in his second round.

9:56 pm: The Rockies shortstop gets only 30 seconds extra after the start of 10 home runs.

9:53 pm: Story needs a break with 1:28 remaining. He has up to five home runs.

9:52 pm: The story that takes its hacks first.

Round 1 updates

9:50 pm: During that exciting first lap, Soto managed a 520-foot home run, the longest in the Derby to date. Stories 518 and Alonso with 514 are second and third.

9:45 pm: All underdogs move on. No. 5 Pete Alonso vs. No. 8 Juan Soto; No. 6 Trey Mancini vs. No. 7 Trevor Story.

9:43 pm: Ohtani’s first swing is a ground ball. Soto stuns the two-way phenomenon and takes on Alonso in the second round.

9:42 pm: Three-for-three. Soto creates a perfect framework.

9:40 pm: Second swing is gone.

9:40 pm: Soto’s first swing is a homer.

9:38 pm: This matchup leads to another swing-off. Ohtani hits six homers to tie Soto. The Nationals outfielder will take the first three swings to hit as many homers as possible.

9:36 pm: 28 home runs for Soto when he was steaming up late. Ohtani has to hit six to force three swings or seven to win.

9:35 pm: Soto ushers in the minute-long downturn.

9:32 pm: Ohtani combines it with one minute extra. Three of them went more than 500 feet. Soto and Ohtani will swing away.

9:30 pm: Ohtani’s last home run was 513 points and he went up to 16 with one minute extra. Will he catch Soto at 22?

9:28 pm: Ohtani names a time-out with 1:20 remainder. He only has five home runs, but he finds some momentum here with four homers in his last six swings.

9:27 pm: Only with the 10th swing does Ohtani manage a home run.

9:23 pm: The 22-year-old Nationals phenomenon reached 22 home runs. Will it be enough to beat Ohtani?

9:20 pm: Soto receives the extra minute of bonus time. He meets 18 before the break.

9:18 pm: Soto takes a break with nine home runs.

9:16 pm: Juan Soto is hoping for a quick start against Shohei Ohtani. He has seven in the first minute, including one at 520 feet to right field.

9:13 pm: Perez hit seven straight home runs to complete the round and would have beaten almost any other batter so far. The only problem? Alonso was no other batter.

9:11 pm: Perez had a strong first lap, posting 17 home runs averaging 456 feet. He has an extra minute to swing, but he has to hit 18 more to tie Alonso.

9:08 pm: Perez hits five straight for a home run, but with 1:44 remaining, he takes a break with only nine homers. He has a long way to go to catch the polar bear.

9:06 pm: Alonso’s 35 home runs were a record for the first round of a derby. This format is one minute shorter than last year.

9:05 pm: Pete. Alonso. 35 home runs in the first round. Royals catcher Salvador Perez has to climb a huge mountain if he is to be the first catcher to win the Home Run Derby.

9:02 pm: Alonso now has up to two 510 home runs while hitting another 514 feet. He’s averaging 455 feet per home run and he hits 25 before his minute of extra time.

9.00: Pete Alonso destroyed those baseballs. One went 512 feet and another over 490 feet. With 13 home runs, he takes a break.

8:58 pm: The reigning champion is up. In the first 15 seconds he has already hit two rackets.

8:55 pm: Story meets Mancini in the second round of the Home Run Derby.

8:52 pm: Gallo runs a run in his extra minute but falls short a home run at 19. 40 percent of his turns left the yard.

8:50 pm: The Rangers bat takes nine to combine story with one minute of extra swing.

8:49 pm: Gallo deserves the extra minute on him, but he hasn’t hit double-digit numbers in less than a minute.

8:47 pm: Gallo calls out a timeout with 1:44 remainder. So far he’s four. He’s already over 475 feet tall, but he’ll have to find his rhythm to catch Story at 20.

8:46 pm: There aren’t many players with the kind of raw power Gallo has. He has one in the first 30 seconds.

8:43 pm: The Rockies Shortstop hits 20 long balls. Now it’s time for Joey Gallo.

8:41 pm: Story gets an extra minute of bonus time. He’s done 16 home runs and most of them got crushed.

8:39 pm: Story takes its time out. The longest home run for him was 518 feet.

. @ Tstory2’s 518 ft homer is the longest Aaron Judge (513 ft) tracked in Statcast’s #HRDerby in 2017.

– MLB stats (@MLBStats) July 13, 2021

8:38 pm: Wondering what happened to this fan who made the incredible catch on Olson’s homerun? Sporting News’ Ryan Fagan caught up with the fan who accepted.

8:37 pm: The hometown hitter is up to date and already electrifying the crowd. He sends a few home runs far.

8:35 pm: Mancini moves into the second round after an early show.

8:33 pm: What would have been homerun # 24 sailed directly to the right of the foul pole and is a foul ball. Mancini goes into the next round with 24 homers ahead of Olson’s 23

8:32 pm: Olson is now up to 22.10 seconds left.

8:31 pm: Olson has a minute to catch Mancini. It takes seven to force a downturn and eight to take the lead.

8:28 pm: The A’s first baseman doesn’t move that fast, but he makes the most of his turns and hits Homer on 59 percent of his turns. He’s taking a break with 10 homers already. His longest yet is 472 feet and he’s already earned his bonus time.

8:27 pm: Matt Olson starts.

8:25 pm: Mancini uses his extra minute to send 24 baseballs over the fence. His longest home run was 496 feet long, according to the show. What a start to this derby. Now it’s up to Matt Olson to top that.

8:24 pm: The first swing back is a home run. Now he has one more who can make a total of 21 homers.

8:22 pm: The break really helped Mancini. He hits 58 percent of his turns for home runs and ends with 19 homers. Four of them walked at least 475 feet, which means he’s getting an extra minute of bonus time.

8:21 pm: Mancini sprays these all over the field. He’s on a reel right now, streaking up to five straight homers to get 14 long balls.

8:20 pm: Mancini hits his third and fourth strokes on the second and third swing after the time-out. He looks comfortable now.

8:19 pm: Mancini uses his 53-second time-out on his lap. He gets a 30-second break in the action.

8:18 pm: And we’re on the way. Mancini is already fast on two home runs.

8:13 pm: This year the format will be changed. Instead of the previous four minutes, there will be three minutes of at-bats.

8:02 pm: Do you think this guy is ready for the derby?

8:00 pm: It’s time for the home run derby. Without the use of a humidor at Coors Field, you can expect some home runs.

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Home Run Derby Bracket 2021

Round 2 results

Trey Mancini vs. Trevor Story

Seeds dough HR total
6th Trey Mancini 13th
7th Trevor story 12th

Pete Alonso vs. Juan Soto

Seeds dough HR total
5 Pete Alonso
8th Juan Soto

Round 1 results

Shohei Ohtani versus Juan Soto

Seeds dough HR total
1 Shohei Ohtani 28
8th Juan Soto 31

Salvador Perez versus Pete Alonso

Seeds dough HR total
4th Salvador Perez 28
5 Pete Alonso 35

Joey Gallo vs. Trevor Story

Seeds dough HR total
2 Joey Gallo 19th
7th Trevor story 20th

Matt Olson versus Trey Mancini

Seeds dough HR total
3 Matt Olson 23
6th Trey Mancini 24

When is the Home Run Derby?

Home Run Derby coverage will begin at 7:00 p.m. ET on ESPN and ESPN2 with “Baseball Tonight” and “Baseball Tonight, Statcast Edition” respectively. The derby itself begins at 8 p.m. ET on the two channels, with ESPN providing the traditional broadcast and ESPN2 providing the “Statcast Edition”.

MLB All Star Schedule

Sunday July 11th

Time (ET) event channel
3 pm SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game MLB network
19 o’clock Start of the MLB Draft (first round, comp picks) ESPN

Monday July 12th

Time (ET) event channel
8 p.m. T-Mobile Home Run Derby ESPN
22 O `clock All Star Celebrity Softball Game ESPN

Tuesday July 13th

Time (ET) event channel
19 o’clock MLB All Star Game Presented by Mastercard ESPN

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