How Melissa Rivers’ Fiancé Included Her Son Cooper Earlier than Proposal

Forget the red carpet: Melissa Rivers is ready to walk down the aisle. 

The Fashion Police alum is engaged to Los Angeles attorney Steve Mitchel after almost a year and a half of dating. And seeing how family is always close to her heart, Melissa’s fiancé made sure to include her 24-year-old son Cooper Endicott, who she shares with ex-husband John Endicott, in the engagement journey. In fact, Steve even asked him for permission before popping the question.

“Cooper means the world to me and has always been the most important man in my life,” Melissa exclusively told E! News Nov. 9. “So, it was really special that Steve called him to get permission. Apparently, Steve was more nervous asking Cooper than he was asking me.”

The TV personality, who is the daughter of late comedian Joan Rivers, added that Steve and Cooper already “get along so well.”

“I’m grateful that Cooper said yes and I now have two wonderful men in my life,” she continued, quipping, “but Steve isn’t delusional—he knows he will always be 1B.”  

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