IIHF Males’s World Championship 2021: time, TV channels, stay stream, the place, when, schedule

It’s that special time of year when the Stanley Cup playoff action gets hot and the ice hockey world can also watch their countries go for gold.

After the 2020 tournament was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IIHF Men’s World Championship is back in 2021. 16 teams will take part in the 17-day tournament that is set to take place in Latvia.

Typically, the 2021 tournament is an opportunity for NHL players who are not out of the postseason to continue their trading. It’s packed with young people trying to prove their NHL worth, including a series of prospects to be elaborated in July. The hopefuls of the first round include the American Matty Beniers (who won gold in the juniors in 2021) and the Canadian Owen Power. There are also current top draft picks like Canada’s Cole Perfetti (Jets) and Braden Schneider (Rangers).

USA Hockey is aiming for its third gold medal (1933 and 1960) while Hockey Canada is aiming for the No. 26 gold medal and the first since 2016. If Canada takes the gold, it will bind Russia / the Soviet Union the most in tournament history.

Everything you need to know about the 2021 Ice Hockey World Cup is here, including the ability to watch games on TV and stream them online, as well as the full schedule, results and leaderboard.

When is the Men’s World Cup 2021?

16 teams, divided into two groups, will compete against each other in the preliminary round. Each team will compete against the other seven teams in their group for the first 12 days of the competition, which ends on June 1st.

The four best teams in each group after the preliminary rounds will reach the quarter-finals on June 3rd. After the semi-finals on June 5th, the bronze and gold medal games will take place on Sunday, June 6th.

Where is the men’s World Cup 2021?

The 2021 edition will take place in Riga, Latvia, on two ice rinks: the Arena Riga and the Olympic Sports Center. It’s been 15 years since Riga hosted the tournament. Sweden won the gold there in 2006.

This year’s tournament was originally supposed to be organized jointly by Belarus (Minsk) and Latvia. However, the International Ice Hockey Federation postponed it in February due to political unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which channel will the Men’s World Cup 2021 be broadcast on?

  • TV station (USA): NHL network
  • Live Steam (Canada): FuboTV, Sling TV
  • TV channels (Canada): TSN
  • Live Stream (Canada): TSN approx.

In the US, every American game is shown on the NHL Network along with selected games from other countries. NHL Network can be streamed on fuboTV and Sling TV. In Canada, TSN will broadcast every game in the 2021 tournament, with selected games also appearing exclusively on TSN.ca or the TSN app.

Which teams will take part in the Men’s World Cup 2021?

16 teams, divided into two groups of eight, take part.

Group A Group B.
ROC Canada
Sweden Finland
Czech Republic United States
Switzerland Germany
Slovakia Latvia
Denmark Norway
Belarus Italy
Great Britain Kazakhstan

Why is Russia listed as the “Republic of China”?

Last December, the World Anti-Doping Agency excluded Russia from international competition for four years. The ban includes Olympic Games and World Championships, and the flag or name of Russia cannot be used. However, athletes are not excluded from the competition, but can only do so under a neutral flag.

ROC stands for Russian Olympic Committee, and Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 is played instead of the national anthem.

When is Canada against USA?

There will be a battle for North America in this tournament as the two teams are in the same group. The teams will meet on Sunday, May 23 at 1:15 p.m. ET.

2021 Men’s World Championship


team Wins losses OTL Points
1. Russia 2 0 0 6th
2. Switzerland 1 0 0 3
3. Slovakia 1 0 0 3
4. Denmark 1 0 0 3
5. Sweden 0 1 0 0
6. Belarus 0 1 0 0
7. Great Britain 0 1 0 0
8. Czech Republic 0 2 0 0


team Wins losses OTL Points
1. Germany 2 0 0 6th
2. Latvia 1 0 1 4th
3. Finland 1 0 0 3
4. Kazakhstan 1 0 0 2
5. USA 0 1 0 0
6. Canada 0 1 0 0
7. Norway 0 1 0 0
8. Italy 0 1 0 0

Wins in regulation = 3 points
Overtime gain = 2 points
Loss of overtime = 1 point

Full schedule for the Men’s World Cup 2021

The participating teams are guaranteed seven games in the group stage. Teams that advance to the last day of competition (bronze or gold medal game) play a total of 10 competitions.

(All times east)

Russia 4, Czech Republic 3 9:15 a.m. TSN1, NHLN
Germany 9, Italy 4 9:15 a.m. TSN2
Belarus 2, Slovakia 5 1:15 p.m. TSN.ca/TSN App
Canada 0, Latvia 2 1:15 p.m. TSN1 / 3, NHLN
Denmark 4, Sweden 3 5:15 a.m. TSN1, NHLN
Norway 1, Germany 5 5:15 a.m. TSN3
Great Britain 1, Russia 7 9:15 a.m. TSN1
Finland 2, USA 1 9:15 a.m. TSN3, NHLN
Czech Republic 2, Switzerland 5 1:15 p.m. TSN1, NHLN
Latvia 2, Kazakhstan 3 (SO) 1:15 p.m. TSN3
Great Britain versus Slovakia 5:15 a.m. TSN4, NHLN
Norway versus Italy 5:15 a.m. TSN1
Sweden versus Belarus 9:15 a.m. TSN2
Kazakhstan versus Finland 9:15 a.m. TSN1, NHLN
Denmark versus Switzerland 1:15 p.m. TSN2
Canada versus USA 1:15 p.m. TSN1 / 3, NHLN
Monday May 24th
Slovakia versus Russia 9:15 a.m. TSN1 / 4
Latvia versus Italy 9:15 a.m. TSN3
Czech Republic versus Belarus 1:15 p.m. TSN2
Germany versus Canada 1:15 p.m. TSN1 / 3/4
Great Britain versus Denmark 9:15 a.m. TSN3
USA versus Kazakhstan 9:15 a.m. TSN1 / 4, NHLN
Switzerland versus Sweden 1:15 p.m. TSN1 / 4
Finland versus Norway 1:15 p.m. TSN3
Russia versus Denmark 9:15 a.m. TSN1 / 4
Kazakhstan versus Germany 9:15 a.m. TSN3
Belarus versus Great Britain 1:15 p.m. TSN2
Canada versus Norway 1:15 p.m. TSN1 / 3/4
Switzerland versus Slovakia 9:15 a.m. TSN1
USA versus Latvia 9:15 a.m. TSN4, NHLN
Sweden versus Czech Republic 1:15 p.m. TSN1 / 4
Finland versus Italy 1:15 p.m. TSN3
Sweden versus Great Britain 9:15 a.m. TSN1 / 4
Kazakhstan versus Canada 9:15 a.m. TSN3
Denmark versus Belarus 1:15 p.m. TSN1
Latvia versus Norway 1:15 a.m. TSN3
Czech Republic versus Great Britain 5:15 a.m. TSN1 / 4
Italy versus Kazakhstan 5:15 a.m. TSN3
Switzerland versus Russia 9:15 a.m. TSN1 / 4
Norway versus USA 9:15 a.m. TSN3, NHLN
Slovakia versus Denmark 1:15 p.m. TSN1
Germany versus Finland 1:15 p.m. TSN3
Belarus versus Switzerland 9:15 a.m. TSN.ca/TSN App
Italy versus Canada 9:15 a.m. TSN1 / 4
Sweden versus Slovakia 1:15 p.m. TSN1
Finland versus Latvia 1:15 p.m. TSN3
Monday 31st May
Czech Republic versus Denmark 9:15 a.m. TSN1
USA versus Germany 9:15 a.m. TSN4, NHLN
Russia versus Sweden 1:15 p.m. TSN4
Norway versus Kazakhstan 1:15 p.m. TSN5
Switzerland versus Great Britain 5:15 a.m. TSN2
Canada versus Finland 5:15 a.m. TSN1 / 4
Slovakia versus Czech Republic 9:15 a.m. TSN1
Italy versus USA 9:15 a.m. TSN4, NHLN
Russia versus Belarus 1:15 p.m. TSN1
Germany versus Latvia 1:15 p.m. TSN4
Quarter finals 9:15 a.m. TSN3
Quarter finals 9:15 a.m. TSN4
Quarter finals 1:15 p.m. TSN3
Quarter finals 1:15 p.m. TSN4
Semifinals 7:15 a.m. TSN1 / 5
Semifinals 11:15 a.m. TSN1 / 5
Bronze medal 8:15 o’clock TSN4 / 5
gold medal 1:15 p.m. TSN4 / 5

Who won the 2020 Men’s World Championship?

The 2020 tournament was canceled due to COVID-19.

Finland won the 2019 edition, beating Canada 3-1 in the gold medal game in Slovakia. Notable names from Canada’s squad included Shea Theodore, Mark Stone, Anthony Cirelli, Darnell Nurse and Jonathan Marchessault. The final game saw Senators Matt Murray and Blackhawks Kevin Lankinen between the pipes. An uncovered Kaapo Kakko was on the Finnish championship team.

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Who has won the IIHF Men’s World Championship in the last 10 years?

year winner Host country
2020 None – –
2019 Finland Slovakia
2018 Sweden Denmark
2017 Sweden Germany / France
2016 Canada Russia
2015 Canada Czech Republic
2014 Russia Belarus
2013 Sweden Sweden / Finland
2012 Russia Finland / Sweden
2011 Finland Slovakia

Which countries won the most medals at the IIHF Men’s World Championship?

country gold silver bronze total
Canada 26th fifteen 9 50
Russia* 27 10 10 47
Sweden 11 19th 17th 47
Czech Republic ^ 12th 13th 21 46
United States 2 9 8th 19th
Finland 3 8th 3 14th
Switzerland 0 3 8th 11

* Includes the Soviet Union

^ Includes Czechoslovakia

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