Jayda Cheaves and Grownup Movie Star Teanna Trump change phrases

The search for internet clout is real! Last week we reported that porn star Ms. London claimed she had a sexual encounter with rapper Lil Baby on Twitter. She tweeted, “Ok, I’m at home, 6K richer and full of 1942. Don’t drop names, but Jayda will never leave this man.”

This week, London caused a stir between Baby and Jayda Cheaves, mother of his youngest son, Loyal Armani. There was a back-and-forth between the three, and London finally apologized.

Just as things were looking to calm down for Jayda, another porn star, Teanna Trump, found the time to comment on Jayda’s Twitter post. Yesterday Jayda shared a photo in which she was wearing a nude outfit with the caption “Send me a nude”. Teanna commented on the post with the words: “And that’s why you were betrayed.”

Jayda tweeted, “Sister, if you wanted me to call your OnlyFans account, you could have just said that. You didn’t have to cast a shadow, ”he replied. The two stuck to it with more words. Jayda tweeted, “But you suck for a living?” Teanna replied, blaming her for having relationships with Baby, “Yes, your husband loves my mouth.” Jayda continued, “Yes, Sister Tryna sponsors this OF. Lmfao. Next caller. “

Jayda then went on a full Twitter rant and aired a few things. She tweeted, “Why that H * come it for me first, then hit me with your husband’s check. What is this really about? You finished the game. You’re fucking insignificant, you’re just bad. If you cannot see through this lameness, now you are stupid. These little things will really be with me and then raise him? How huh. There are miserable and disturbed. I’m even into all that mean girl shit. I hardly like to clap back. But as soon as I do, it’s awww, your nickety this or that. How bitch go to hell. “

She continued to tweet, saying that some people on the internet don’t know she is the victim and called Teanna even more, saying that she is making them relevant again.

Roommate, what do you think of all of this?

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