Jenna Bush Hager shares heartbreaking letter her daughter despatched at camp

Jenna Bush Hager‘s 8 year old child MilaIt is definitely not the feeling of the first daughter in summer camp.

The Today show host shared the adorable but heartbreaking letter her daughter wrote to her and her husband Henry Chase Hager while i was away from home “I got a letter last night reminding me of a letter I was going to write and it broke my heart into a million pieces,” Jenna told co-host Hoda Kotb.

The letter started with Mila saying she missed her mother and father. She wrote from the summer camp: “I wish I could be with you.” But the end of the letter made Henry actually get his daughter: “PS Daddy, how much longer until you pick me up? I miss you too much. I have to stop crying. So goodbye. I miss you terribly, Mom and dad.”

Jenna showed the audience a photo of the letter she had sent to her parents, the former president George W. Bush and first lady Laura Busch.

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