Jessie Woo responds to the backlash she obtained for her Whitney Houston joke about “Wild ‘N Out”

It looks like Jessie Woo sparked a conversation on social media after telling a joke about the late Whitney Houston on the latest installment of the hit MTV show Wild ‘N Out. The conversation became such a hot topic that she had to reach out to her audience to explain her intentions behind the joke.

Jessie Woo is one of the newest cast members in the new season of Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out,” and during a section of “Outgoing Message,” Jessie was given the task of portraying what she thought the answering machine message would mean for the deceased Whitney Houston.

On the show, Jessie began remixing Whitney’s hit classic “I Will Always Love You” and she sang, “You’ve reached my line. But unfortunately I don’t have the time. And I … “and she went on to say,” I am dead. “

However, some fans didn’t feel the joke and found it offensive as Whitney had passed away for years.

Just saw Jessie Woo’s joke about Whitney Houston on Wild ‘N Out, love a good cookie, but it really wasn’t funny. Has anyone really laughed?

– TheLimitDoesNotExist (@sylviamphofe) August 13, 2021

#WildNOut Jessie Woo disrespectful for the Whitney Houston imitation

– Sean. 18th of August! ♌️ (@ _YungShaq250) August 12, 2021

However, there were some people who realized it was just a joke and didn’t think it was anymore.

My take on Jessie Woo’s Whitney Houston joke about Wild N’Out is that the worst has been said about other deceased celebrities. I feel like this new generation is so gentle and sensitive these days, but the joke wasn’t really funny

– Jordan Triplett (@ JTriplett0825) August 13, 2021

Jessie Woo’s situation is suppressed anger. Is she producing the show? Who put Whitney in this game? They try all the time on this show (long before it got there) and yet … whatever

– NJ. (@bellaniaxo) August 13, 2021

Jessie spoke about the situation, explaining that the show is called “Wild ‘n Out” so shocking jokes and comments are expected on the platform. She also stated that male comedians had said worse and didn’t face similar backlash because it took place on a comedic platform. However, when it comes to women, the reaction is different and they are likely to face severe criticism.

Jessie said, “There’s this double standard for women and men, and not just in ‘Wild’ N Out ‘, only in comedic time, and I see it all the time.” She continued, “Essentially, you don’t like women, you just don’t like women. Sometimes I really wish you’d say that. “

She made it clear that she liked her joke, and she was aware of the reaction it might provoke.

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