John Amos denies his daughter’s claims that she was abused

Legendary “Good Times” actor John Amos is reportedly being hospitalized in intensive care. But he denies his daughter’s claim that he is in critical condition after being a victim of elder abuse.

His daughter Shannon Amos claimed he was a victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation, according to a GoFundMe she arranged on his behalf.

John Amos and Esther star in “Good Times” (TV series 1974-1979).

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John Amos denies daughter’s claim he is a victim of elder abuse and confirms hospitalization

However, Amos himself told TMZ that no one is abusing him and that he is not currently fighting for his life. The TV star reportedly doesn’t know why his daughter started GoFundMe.

Amos’ representative Belinda Foster tells the outlet that he was taken to the hospital because of fluid buildup in his lower body and abdomen. TMZ reports that the health crisis has left him with heart problems, but he is reportedly not in life-threatening danger.

In fact, doctors have since drained all of the fluid, and Foster says Amos is almost back to 100 percent health.

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Initial reports from Amos’ daughter indicated that the ‘Coming to America’ actor was fighting for his life after suffering abuse at the hands of the elderly. Shannon also said her father was a victim of financial exploitation.

Daughter started GoFundMe with a goal of $500,000, ostensibly for father’s legal and healthcare costs

Last month, Shannon says she received a troubling phone call from her father. The 83-year-old reportedly told her he was in a Memphis hospital.

Shannon did not provide any specifics or reveal who she believes is abusing him. However, according to GoFundMe, she described the perpetrator as one of Amos’ handlers.

She reportedly started the fundraiser to help her father with legal expenses, care and aftercare while he tries to bring those allegedly responsible to justice.

As of Thursday (June 8), the fundraiser has raised $3,445 of the lofty goal of $500,000.

It’s unclear what impact this new revelation will have on GoFundMe.

Amos is best known for his roles as the adult Kunta Kinte in the groundbreaking miniseries Roots, Good Times, and Coming to America.

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