John Kerry blames President Trump for his lack of progress in negotiating local weather deal – OK?

John Kerry believes that President Trump has shaken global confidence in the United States’ commitment to climate protection. However, Kerry claims that “more and more” Republicans are taking the climate crisis seriously when Kerry appears on Fox News.

How expensive has the Trump administration been in terms of climate change?

The damage that President Trump did worldwide is not limited to the climate. But about the climate He has brought America’s credibility to a horrible place in a horrible way and has fundamentally destroyed it. I hear from country to country: How do we know we can count on America? How do we know no other president is going to come along, someone like Trump doing the same thing all over again? My answer is very simple, that I believe that in the future no politician can come up and turn this tide because all over the world the private sector is moving fast to do what governments don’t. Banks, asset managers, companies that take environmental, social and governance criteria into account in their boardrooms and have committed themselves to sustainable development goals are a major undertaking. There are trillions of dollars investing now in alternative renewable energies, be it solar or hydropower. It simply creates a phenomenal amount of economic activity. To be honest, I don’t think any politician would want to change that, but I don’t think he could either.

Secretary Kerry, Whenever I go to Fox News or anywhere on right-wing media or social media, I see many of these efforts derided. When I turn to the Senate, look at the first of the Biden administration’s major infrastructure bills – it was supposed to contain all sorts of climate measures, and that was gutted when the Senate Republicans opposed it. How would you sell bold climate policies to Republicans?

There are more and more Republicans, I think, who are really taking this more seriously now and trying to find out what actions they are willing to support. A lot has also happened in the House of Representatives. Mother Nature is writing pretty energetically right now, temperatures are rising, storms are getting more intense, the fires are getting bigger and wider and more frequent. This is increasingly being noticed by executives. President Putin, for example, was very clear: you have a real challenge in northern Russia and Siberia. The tundra and permafrost are thawing. You have cities there that are becoming unstable. They are deeply concerned about the methane released into the earth after forty thousand years of containment. Mother Nature kind of yells at people, hey guys, you have a problem.

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Kerry I think you misunderstand climate skeptics and Republicans.

Some of us may disagree with your policies, but your personal contribution to global warming is absolutely impressive – over a million air miles by 2016. Planet?

One day they will build statues for you, the man who personally drove back the Ice Age.

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