John Stossel defends himself towards FB censorship – with that?

Facebook censors my video and calls it “partly wrong”.

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Before Facebook censored it, my “Are We Doomed” video received over 24 million views.

You can watch it here:…

Now Facebook isn’t going to show a lot of people – not even my subscribers. Facebook is also punishing Stossel TV by showing less of our other videos.

All because Facebook foolishly gave Emmanuel Vincent, a newly qualified doctoral student from France, the authority to censor.

Vincent gathered a group of like-minded scientists into a group called Climate Feedback, which declared parts of my video “misleading” or “partially incorrect”.

Which facts have the “fact checkers” corrected? NONE! There wasn’t a single hard fact that was wrong in the video.

We go into the claims of the censors here and list our sources:…

I asked a Vincent “reviewer,” the only one who wanted to be interviewed, why I deserve censorship when our facts were correct.

“The problem is that contextual information is being left out, rather than specific“ facts ”being“ wrong, ”” said Patrick Brown, assistant professor at San Jose State University.

A “fact check”.

“What is killing me,” I complain to Brown, “is that if climate feedback sees me as wrong in part, it significantly reduces the number of people who watch it – and watch my other videos. That is why it is very important to me that it is done fairly. “

“I understand what you are saying,” he replies. “At the same time as a

As a consumer of information, I like the idea of ​​having some kind of system in which content can be compared with the opinion of experts. ”

But Facebook’s choice of “experts” is absurd.

Emmanuel Vincent proudly says: “All climate scientists I know personally agree that climate change is real, that it is serious and that we can do something about it.”

Of course, climate change is real! But how serious the threat is and whether there is much we can do about it with today’s technology remains to be discussed. Victor’s small group STOP the debate.

Remarkably, Facebook allows them.

Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

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