JT shares a couple of tweets after Lil Uzi Vert’s alleged argument with ex-girlfriend Brittany Byrd

Keep it cute or mute it! It was revealed on Friday that Lil Uzi Vert has gotten into an alleged argument with his ex-girlfriend Brittany Byrd. Many were shocked to learn that he allegedly attacked them in a Los Angeles restaurant. While everyone was talking about the incident online, many were waiting for one person to share their opinion. This person is Uzi’s current girlfriend, JT. We all know JT stands by her husband and has spoken loudly about her dislike of Brittany in the past, but in this case, JT has not offered anything online about the incident.

When Uzi was trending online on Friday, JT seemed to know what was going on and apparently responded to online critics who were pestered with their silence. JT tweeted, “When I talk insane! When I’m all crazy! I’m starting to fart voice memos! ”The City Girl didn’t stop there, she tweeted again. “I would change my name to doo doo so that you can keep my name out of your mouth. But you all a bunch of fuckers, so I’d be wasting my time! “

The roommates responded to JT’s tweets in our comment section. One commented: “Lmao. JT just get a publicist! ”Another commented,“ I’ve never read shit like that. ” JT found the post amusing and walked into The Shade Room and left a comment. She wrote: “You are so thirsty!” along with several laughing emojis. JT seemed unimpressed by all of the drama about her husband. Later that evening, she headed out for a fun night out with Yung Miami while attending Saweetie’s Freaknik birthday party in Los Angeles.

JT showed up with an updo and a yellow two-piece set. Miami wore a red romper and birthday girl Saweetie wore a two-piece Louis Vuitton set.

Roommate, do you think JT should have commented on Uzi’s alleged argument or kept silent?

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