Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Separate After 18 Years of Marriage

The following month, he also praised Grégoire, 48, for the impact she’s had raising their three kids.

“To all of the moms out there: I hope you can spend this day with your loved ones,” he wrote in an Instagram post in honor of Mother’s Day. “To my own mom, and to Sophie: You are two of the strongest, bravest, and greatest people we know. The kids and I love you both so very much.”

As for the former television host, she’s also publicly praised her husband over the years, especially for his role as a dad.

“This man could carry the love he has for his kids anywhere,” she captioned a June Instagram post for Father’s Day. “Dads, never underestimate your role as mentors in your family for your sons and your daughters. Be kind to yourselves, check on your mental well-being, slow down in silence when needed… and most of all, take the risk of loving with everything you got.”

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