Kanye West and Justin LaBoy noticed enjoying basketball collectively in Las Vegas (unique)

Roommate, Kanye West doesn’t walk these streets very often! But habits seem to be changing fast following his upcoming divorce from reality TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian! Amid dating reports about Kanye and supermodel Irina Shayk, Kanye performed for the Big3 basketball game last weekend.

The rapper left his huge Wyoming estate (and all of its acres) to enjoy a summer sporting event. He made his way to Las Vegas, Nevada and dressed in full Yeezy fashion, stopped in front of the scene.

Photo by: Ashley Teague

He was spotted wearing what appeared to be long black leather pants paired with a black zippered leather jacket. In a real Kanye-esque move, he wore a medium gray ski mask that covered his entire head and face, minus his eyes.

Photo by: Ashley Teague

Kanye’s entourage included Mr. Demon Time himself Justin LaBoy, known for his Instagram memes and the new web show Revered Justin. Kanye was also spotted on the sidelines playing at the Orleans Arena. The Big3 league, founded by rapper Ice Cube, is entering the second week of its season.

Photo by: Ashley Teague

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