Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s first 12 months with daughter Daisy

And she is grateful to have an experienced teammate by her side in Bloom.

“I have an amazing fiancé who has done this before – he has a 10 year old son,” she told Jimmy Kimmel Live! Although she initially asked to hear stories from Bloom’s and Kerr’s years as a happy family, “they actually helped.

And in addition to Bloom’s years of parental wisdom to guide her, she had a handful of her own as a de facto stepmother who had mastered the art of going to bed early to be amazed Ellen DeGeneres in 2019, “and now at 10 p.m. I’m in bed like a normal person, just like falling asleep.”

She also received a little extra training while social distancing herself at home with her then 8 month old nephew and 3 and 6 year old nieces during the height of the coronavirus. “I’m learning to be a mom quickly,” she joked on the Graham Norton Show in May 2020. “I’m drawn to children by my music, so I’m used to them, but I’m not used to waking up really early in the morning when they stare at me from the side of my bed.”

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