Lamar Odom beats up Aaron Carter in movie star boxing match

The story of the tape alone should have prevented the show fight between Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter on Friday. Odom had a 10-inch height advantage, an 11-inch range advantage, and a 64-pound weight advantage over Carter.

But boxing they did in Atlantic City, NJ, and Odom, the former NBA star, had his way with Carter, the rapper.

Not even a bulky head covering could keep Carter from being pushed into submission. Special Guest Referee Chuck Liddell eventually announced the fight in the second round of their scheduled three-round game.

If you want to see the numbers in all their harshness then they are here:

And if you want to see an example of how ridiculous a physical mismatch was then go here:

Looks like Odom still has a pretty good left hand.

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Carter was a good sport when it came to getting beaten up.

This match was made under the auspices of Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman last winter for some reason. At that time, Feldman predicted a knockout.

Yes, that was a pretty sure prediction.

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