Lil ‘Kim hits 50 cents for meme sharing when evaluating her BET awards with an owl face

50 Cent is known for his trolling art, but Lil ‘Kim let him know he messed with her after 50 shared a viral meme in which Lil’ Kim’s Prada pony from the BET Awards compared to a white owl has been.

50 often makes fun of celebrities and friends on his Instagram page, and it was Kim’s turn on Wednesday. He shared a meme with pictures of Kim and a white owl side by side with the caption, “Who did this? That is not right.”

After 50 shared the meme, Lil ‘Kim’s daughter’s father, Mr. Papers, quickly went to the comments section to let 50 know that he is not playing on his checkers.

“Let my wife leave out the jokes you’ve heard,” wrote Mr. Papers.

It seemed like Lil ‘Kim took to her Instagram on Thursday to haul 50 cents herself and leave the rapper a little long message while he also spilled some tea.

Lil ‘Kim didn’t seem to mind the comparison and laughed at the joke.

“The accuracy,” she wrote. “Funny. It doesn’t bother me a bit. My family and friends are angrier than me. “

She continued, “It’s not like that, don’t move me one way or another because I’m still a bad guy, moms, daughters and aunts still want to be to this day and I love it!”

Kim then took a direct shot at 50 and spilled a little tea on her story.

“@ 50cent, I see that you are still in your feelings about the dinner date that you asked me about, that I had to refuse,” she said. “Let it go, you have a beautiful girlfriend, I have a loving husband. Let it go.”

She also defended her husband’s actions.

“And for those of you who came to see my husband, Mr. Papers, he really sucked. What is a husband [supposed] do.”

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