Lizzo & Cardi B channel their internal goddesses within the video for his or her new music “Rumors”

Roommate, after initially annoying fans that a big announcement was coming soon, Lizzo finally kept her promise with the debut of her new track with Cardi B. Lizzo and Cardi B officially released the Greek-inspired video for “Rumors” – and fans can’t get enough of the duo’s catchy summer song.

In the video for “Rumors”, Lizzo and Cardi B transform themselves into Greek goddesses before our eyes. Wrapped in gold fabric against a luxurious backdrop, Lizzo and Cardi B are teaming up for the first time since their appearance together in the 2019 film “Hustlers”.

Lizzo starts things off with a rap, “My ex-n ***, he screwed it up. Last year I thought I was going to lose it. Read shit on the internet. My smoothie cleaning and diet. No, I’m not damn Drake yet … If you thought I was nuts with my a ** hangover. Just wait until summer when they let me out of the house, B ** ch. “

Cardi B, meanwhile, is hot and appealing to those who criticize her music career. “Cardi doesn’t bang, no, it’s a machine. Nobody listens, they buy streams. They even post it on blogs abroad. And lie in a language I can’t even read The f ** k does that mean? Look, I’m a Bronx slut with some pop hits. They used to pop when they pop shit, ”she raps.

In an interview with Apple Music, Lizzo stated that the inspiration for “Rumors” came in part from an ex-boyfriend. “These were all references to things that had happened to me in the last two or three years, but then after I wrote it – I literally wrote the song in February. The breakup, the loss of good friends in my life – it all really came to a head afterwards, ”she said.

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